When did you last wash your hands?

The best way to fight COVID-19 is with frequent handwashing, using old fashioned soap and water (learn more). We’ve got you covered with low cost shipping.

Handmade Artisan Soap

Mike’s Extraordinary Soap is an artisan soap maker based in San Diego, CA. We hand make a wide variety of soap, from the colorful and loud, to the all-natural unscented soap for sensitive skin.

Do you have sensitive skin? Shop our hypoallergenic soap category below for turmeric soap, charcoal soap, goat’s milk soap, and oatmeal soap.

Most of our soap uses a vegan recipe, however we do also make soap using an old-fashioned tallow recipe. Vegan soaps are marked accordingly.

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Summer of Soap

Summer is here! And it wouldn’t be summer without a festive collection of soap. This year we created three soaps for you: Blood Orange & Goji Berry, Goat’s Milk, Banana & Oats, and El Niño.

They are available individually or as a box set. For best results, experience them all!

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